GitHub Report

# Type Summary Fix Version 89 bug NPE with maven-site-plugin:4.0.0-M9:site 2.3.4 88 enhancement Reproducible build 2.3.3 76 bug The content of bottomDescription element is not evaluate v2.4.0 75 Task Add Twitter shortcode v2.4.0 74 enhancement Use markdown metadata implemented in Doxia MarkdownParser v2.4.0 73 Task Move documentation from reflow-maven-skin module to parent module v2.4.0 72 bug The banner name in header do not display correctly. v2.4.0 69 enhancement Add ToolTip initialization. v2.4.0 68 bug error display of ToC Top when rendering sub dropdown element. v2.4.0 67 testing Add regression test to test maven-site-plugin and doxia tools version v2.4.0 66 Task Remove unnecessary documentation v2.4.0 65 enhancement Add possibility to extend navigation bar v2.4.0 64 enhancement Add possibility to disable AnchorJS v2.3.0 63 bug Do not override heading ids v2.3.0 62 bug Error when scroll top with smooth scroll is disabled v2.3.0 61 enhancement Add new body page type v2.3.0 60 Task Bump doxia tools version to 1.9 v2.3.0 59 enhancement The cssClass attribute is inclusive instead exclusive. v2.3.0 58 enhancement Add different types of rendering for header component. v2.3.0 55 bug test failed when running on windows Release 2.2.0 52 Task Bump highlightjs version to 9.15.7 Release 2.1.0 51 enhancement Exclude menu with name null or empty directly in navbar component Release 2.1.0 50 bug level attribute on toc sidebar doesn't work correctly Release 2.0.2 49 bug Can not have page with same filename as one is frame page Release 2.0.2 48 bug frame page has wrong relative path Release 2.0.2 47 bug Slogan is not display anymore Release 2.0.2 46 enhancement Allow to specify the alignment element in navbar Release 2.1.0 45 bug NPE when navbar element is not declared Release 2.0.1 44 Task Use arrow up awesome character for scroll top instead css transformation Release 2.1.0 39 enhancement Possibility add image brand in navbar 2.0.0 37 enhancement Support header as component Release 2.2.0 35 bug Fix active link on menu item when link is index.html page 2.0.0 34 enhancement Add popper.js bootsrap dependency 2.0.0 32 enhancement Remove support of customized Bootsrap theme 2.0.0 30 bug Unexpected velocity.log file created during site generation 2.0.0 29 enhancement Update to use customized Bootstrap theme 3.x 1.5.0 28 enhancement Add local resources easily during site generation 1.5.0 27 bug Remove using of awesome font in toc sidebar 1.5.0 26 enhancement Remove unsused offsetTop attibute on toc element 1.5.0 25 enhancement Remove unused relative URL on external link 1.5.0 19 enhancement Add documentation support 2.0.0 18 bug In checkstyle report link on detail of file doesn't work 1.3.5 17 bug Can not click on breadcrumb 1.3.5 16 bug Top navbar overlaps with header 1.3.4 15 enhancement Add affix on toc side bar 1.3.4 12 enhancement Add reflow-maven-skin to maven central 1.3.0 10 enhancement Resulting HTML has too much whitespaces 1.3.0 7 duplicate Bump Bootstrap version to 4.1.3 2.0.0 6 enhancement Add automatically maven properties in doc 1.2.0.DEVACFR 5 enhancement Share the same site.css by default for all modules 1.5.0