Reflow Maven skin 2.3 Release Notes

Highlights of this release

The header component can now be displayed in 3 different ways:

  • jumbotron - the current rendering (default)
  • banner - display centering banner.
  • custom - use specific html (cdata content of header component) to render the header.

you can also integrate a free content directly (without modification) in body page. The page is composed only header (navbar), body and footer. You can play only with the body content. The content is put as is, Reflow maven skin should not modify this content.

    <index type="body" />

Attention is Required

The cssClass attribute do not override anymore theme and background attribute. you can not write <navbar cssClass="navbar-dark bg-primary border-bottom">, but instead <navbar theme="dark" background="primary" cssClass="border-bottom">.

Other Enhancements

  • Bump Doxia Tools version to 1.9
  • Add possibility to disable AnchorJS with flag <anchorJS>true|false</anchorJS>.
  • Fix Error when scroll top with smooth scroll is disabled.
  • The cssClass attribute in component is inclusive instead exclusive. ie, add new css classes to component instead replace theme and background css classes.
  • Fix should not override heading ids if the TOC is disabled (thanks Aurelien Baudet).


Release 2.3.4


Bug fix

  • Fix compatibility with maven-site-plugin:4.0.0-M9 by @solomax in (#89)
  • Fix bootswatch cdn url to${bootswatchTheme}

Attention is Required

This version is only compatible with maven-site-plugin:4.0.0-M9 and behind.

Release 2.3.3



You can override and fixes publishDate element of site.xml using the maven property ‘’.

Release 2.3.2


Update Dependencies

  • Bump maven-site-plugin version to 4.0.0-M4
  • Bump maven-gitflow-plugin version to 1.19.0 from 1.18.0
  • Bump Google Analytics version to 4

Release 2.3.1


Bug fix

  • Bump maven-site-plugin version to 4.0.0-M3 (#81) Maxim Solodovnik.
    • Bump velocity-tools version to 3.1 with new name velocity-tools-generic
    • Upgrade doxia-sitetool to 1.11.1


  • Bump logback-core from 1.2.3 to 1.2.9
  • Bump jsoup from 1.14.2 to 1.15.3

Release 2.3.0

2020-03-13 Release 2.3.0

Minor enhancements

  • Add different types of rendering for header component. (#58).
  • Add new body page type. (#61).
  • Add possibility to disable AnchorJS. (#64).
  • The cssClass attribute is inclusive instead exclusive. (#59).
  • Bump doxia tools version to 1.9. (#60).
Bug fix
  • Error when scroll top with smooth scroll is disabled. (#62).