Reflow Maven skin 2.0 Release Notes

Highlights of this release

This focus of this release is:

  • Reflow Maven skin provides package reflow-default-webdeps containing the default web dependencies used when using <localResources>.
  • Built on Bootstrap 4.
  • Add Bootstrap theming on main component as navbar, toc, footer, navside-menu
  • Introduce new layout documentation to organize your documentation in single page to facilitate the navigation.

For facilitate the migration from version 1x, read Migration to v2.

Changelog 2.0.2


Bug fixes

  • Level attribute on toc sidebar doesn't work correctly (#50).
  • Frame page has wrong relative path (#48).
  • Slogan is not display anymore (#47).
  • Can not have page with same filename as one is frame page (#49).
  • Fix menu in navbar displayed when name is empty or null.
  • Fix relative path in footer menu.

Changelog 2.0.1


Minor enhancements

  • Move .bannerRight and .bannerLeft class to div container parent.
  • Allow to set width and height of navbar image with string value as ‘auto’

Bug fixes

  • Fix highlighting with asciidoc rendering.
  • Fix wrong documentation concerning unpack fontawesome dependency

Changelog 2.0.0


Minor enhancements

  • Add documentation support (#19).
  • Bump Bootstrap version to 4.1.3 (#7).
  • Add popper.js bootsrap dependency (#34).
  • Add local resources easily during site generation (#28).
  • Remove support of customized Bootsrap theme (#32).
  • Move .bannerRight and .bannerLeft class to div container parent.

Bug fixes

  • Unexpected velocity.log file created during site generation (#30) Pull request #31 (Maxim Solodovnik
  • Fix active link on menu item when link is index.html page (#35).
  • Fix NPE when navbar element is not declared (#45).
  • Fix highlighting with asciidoc rendering.